Saucy Santana Went Off On Charleston White For Defending DJ Akademiks

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Saucy Santana responds to Charleston White for defending DJ Akademiks while criticizing Yung Miami and JT.

Florida artiste Saucy Santana is not backing down and has now gone after hip-hop commentator Charleston White, who took Akademiks’ side in their ongoing beef. White commented on the ongoing beef where he encouraged support for Akademiks, but his remarks followed in the vein of Akademiks’s nasty comments towards the City Girls rapper.

Last week, Akademiks burst into tears after Saucy Santana jumped in to defend his best friend, City Girls rapper Yung Miami from his misogynistic slander that referred to the artists as “wh**es” who did not have talent.

DJ Akademiks has made a name for himself as a bully when it comes to female rappers, but he doesn’t keep the same energy for the males. However, Santana was not going to let it slide and chimed in, leading to AK making comments about Santana’s appearance.

Santana also issued a lethal threat that he would beat Akademiks and sexually assault him afterward. This led to the streamer breaking down in tears, which he later claimed was attributed to him not being able to say what he wanted to say because the LGBTQ community would be quick to cancel him like DaBaby.

“This is where we supposed to come in as straight men and go to gay bashing. We supposed to join together as straight men with DJ Akademiks and bash the sh*t out of that punk. Get your gay a$$ somewhere else mfer,” White said.

He continued, “DJ Akademiks is a blogger, he got a right to have an opinion… he got a right to have an opinion my n***a to say that the City Girls y’all only sold 10k units, it’s over for y’all.”

White is famous as a snitch in hip hop as he is always dishing on rappers and hip personalities who have cooperated with authorities. According to him, the podcaster did not say anything bad.

“He ain’t say nothing wrong, he’s a blogger…We can say mean things to girls as men, that don’t make us bad men. Especially the way them hoes rap and what they rap about them ain’t women, them is b***hes and wh***s,” he said.

Saucy Santana was heated as he came for White while lamenting that he was addressing Akademiks because he first called his name, and he is also defending Yung Miami, who he called his sister. He also called White “sassy” and said if he needs to team up with Akademiks, “b*tch put your boots on. If you feel like y’all need to squad up with Akademiks, he needs the help.”

The Florida rapper also previewed a diss track.

DJ Akademiks also addressed the claim that being a blogger does not mean there is a blanket right to be hostile towards women.

In the meantime, Charleston also mentioned that Chrisean Rock made a baby during his rant about female rappers, and Chrisean Jr’s grandmother is not having it as she asked in the comments, “Who is Earl calling ret****d?”

In another comment, she take a jab at White, writing, “he needs Jesus and a hygienist. Double Dutch, pee wee hermit. Ball park Frank c*** [eye] helmet wearing yellow reject bus.”