Sean Paul Plays Peacemaker In Stefflon Don, Jada Kingdom Beef

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Jamaica superstar Sean Paul calls for fellow artists Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don to stop the beef as it becomes acrimonious with personal insults targeting family members.

On Wednesday morning, Stefflon Don dropped “Dead Gyal Walking,” a reply to Jada Kingdom’s “London Bed,” released a day before.

Stefflon Don posted a funeral obituary for Jada along with an introduction of audio of a woman ‘tracing’ the artiste about her neglecting her mother, who is struggling financially while she was out living her best life with various men abroad.

In her latest track, Stefflon Don also responds to the artiste calling her a “little star,” where she brings her vocal variety to the song.

“Which gyal fi beat me you mussi lick yuh head, must be the coke weh yuh tek inna yuh nose make you forget yuh bodies, make you only think you only ten man yuh f**K fi ten gran,” Stefflon Don sings.

Stefflon Don also addressed Jada’s claim that her brother is a paedophile, as she called her out for sleeping with Nas EBK when he was 17 years old and getting pregnant for him. At the time, Jada was 24 years old, and she miscarried last year after dating the rapper for about a year. He is now behind bars on murder charges.

She also references Jada Kingdom’s bisexual lifestyle and seemingly took shots at Pardi and referenced an instance where she knew Jada was doing hard drugs.

“Yuh suck more p***y than you b*tty boyfriend/ yuh p*ssy cheap, anybody coulda rent from, “Run up and a talk but pedophile and yuh make a 17-year old breed yuh/ and yuh did a try f**k mi b*tty man cousin, how much p*ssy yuh suck bout a dozen, yuh mada shoulda swallow that sperm/ Pardi soon ago learn/ me remember when mi bredda did sell you the powder, then you pop a molly and mix it with the soda,” she sang.

Stefflon Don also denies that she is replying to Jada over a man but rather because she had tagged her on Instagram and sought her out for “clout.”

The song also ends with a woman with a British accent claiming that Jada tried to sleep with her gay brother, and she also caused her brother to be addicted to drugs because she gave him something.

Jada replied to the latest diss track in the comments despite saying her “London Bed” diss track was the end of her engagement.

In the meantime, Sean Paul called for peace between the artists and for them to hold up Jamaica’s image abroad since foreign blogs have been reposting the drama.

“Woman nuh fi talk so. Doe follow di waste dem,” a graphic post read.

He added in the caption, “I doe love this not one tall. Woman should b warriors yes. But 4 a cause. U should lead the way morally 4 the fam. Men get heated. U calm us down. How can we calm down if yall doin dat 2. 2 beautiful black woman. Live beta. Set a beta example pls. 4 the culture mah beg uno. 4 the kids. 4 the younger females. @stefflondon @jadakingdom done talk!”

Stefflon Don responded in the comments saying, “Its not that serious trust me just sum fun.”

However, Sean Paul still wasn’t in agreement with the beef and responded to her saying, “[Stefflon Don] not 4 my likkle daughter STEFF. Longtime mi got love fi u. An Jada. She likes ur songs. Cmon. Mi mah lead her so. Truss.”

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Stefflon Don’s song has since gone viral, with fans reacting to it.

“The tea is in this song,” Shelly-Ann Curran said. “Song yah song yah real warrrrrrr song enuh the war jus get hot. Jada stop lick n run stand up inna the war Caz it jus start ya laugh to much Mon chro I like how the world get to c how versatile Steff is this is gud for both parties,” another said. “Steffy went tommy leeee pon demmmm,” another said.

“Jada can’t freestyle like stefflondon The only person mi feel can freestyle like stefflondon is shenseea. Stop giving jada your time. It don’t worth it,” one fan also said, comparing Stefflon Don’s lyrical style to Shenseea.