Shenseea & Jada Kingdom Teases Rvssian’s Dutty Money Riddim Songs

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Shenseea and Jada Kingdom teases potential addition to Rvssian’s hugely popular Dutty Money Riddim.

It seems that Shenseea and Rvssian have mended fences as the “Blessed” singer teased a song on the Dutty Money riddim owned by Head Concussion Records. Rvssian’s release of Dutty Money Riddim has caused a necessary upheaval and excitement in the dancehall space as several younger artists were able to show off their lyrical skills in homage to one of the biggest dancehall riddims, Go Go Club Riddim.

Dutty Money Riddim samples the older Go Go Club Riddim, one of the biggest during the rise of Vybz Kartel’s Gaza, Portmore Empire.

Earlier this week, Macka Diamond released a teaser for her take on the riddim, and it seems that Shenseea was the second female to hop on.

“You know me a hot gal, pressure/ man fi a dash money pan me like stripper/ Rich man alone get mi pum pum wetter..yeah me a hot gal, pepper, real hot gal upsetter and to how me sweet make gal get bitter, any man mi deh wid me a make that better, love cash, love cheddar,” Shenseea sings.

Shenseea says the song is a counteraction to Rajah Wild. “Did a counteraction to Rajah on GoGo Club Riddim that I’ll never release so I didn’t finish writing it,” she wrote.

Jada Kingdom also hopped on Instagram Live to preview her song on the Dutty Money Riddim. Dancehall fans are already questioning if Rvssian authorized any of the songs. Jada Kingdom said the producer authorized her version. “Da one yah authorize,” she said repeatedly on her live stream.

“Love my man dem black and rich/ Just wait till the liquor start kick/ Oh well me nah go go after 12/ Work me a work as you can tell/ Dance pon the poll then yuh pay my bills/ Me no matter cous me proud a myself,” Jada Kingdom sings.

Fans also reacted to the song, with many being happy that Shenseea was giving dancehall some attention despite her hip-hop career.

“Nuh say she nah sing ntn fi we , when she does unuh nuh want it lmaoooo unuh weird yf. Me like it,” one fan said.

“Sounds wayy better than all the new new she been singing lately She seems to be more comfortable and it flows nicely. I wish she would stay on this flow,” another added.

“Okay sounds like the old Shenseea we love that not that Americanized bs,” another said.

In the meantime, Shenseea has revealed that the song was just for fun and that she doesn’t intend to release it.

Some fans also questioned whether she and Rvssian are back on good terms. The pair appears to have fallen out over her debut album release, although neither has officially spoken about it.