Spice Apologize To Bambi After Calling Her A Giraffe On Love & Hip Hop

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Spice has issued an apology to Bambi after calling her a giraffe during their heated argument during their trip to the Bahamas.

Urban Islandz previously reported that the Queen Of Dancehall received some backlash from fans of the show after she went off on Bambi and called her a giraffe in the aftermath of Erica Mena calling her a “monkey” and subsequently getting fired for the racist remarks.

The incident took place when Kirk Frost took the entire Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast, except for Erica Mena, to the Bahamas for them to blow off some steam. During one of their dinners, Bambi and Sierra Gates, who are close friends with Mena, were asked if they had spoken to her recently. Spice used the opportunity to unleash on Bambi, prompting security to separate them.

Some viewers expressed their shock on social media seeing Spice’s rage towards her fellow cast member. However, Bambi explains that there was a big misunderstanding and questioned why the dancehall diva was so mad at her.

As the show inches closer to wrapping up the season, Spice and Bambi appear to now be on good terms.

“Bambi we had a conversation earlier and you apologize,” Spice said. “I should’ve in tern apologize too for the things that I was saying at the table. I don’t remember everything and word for word, I know I was angry and that’s just how I get when am angry, I go from zero to a hundred. But am working on myself.”

Spice said she had a chance to reflect on the situation and felt like she likely overreacted. “I honestly did feel bad because at the end of the day I know she is going through her divorce and that must be a lot,” Spice admitted.

“I just want to apologize if I came at you a certain way and I feel like me coming at you, it came from a place where I feel like you were already picking up for Erica because I had already put you and Seirra in a box to say that’s your friend so you gonna rock with her regardless,” Spice told Bambi while sitting beside Shekina.

“So I was already coming to the table looking at you guys sideways to see what’s the approach, you know what am saying, and that’s where the anger came from,” she continues. “Because it was already built up and I was like okay me ago watch Seirra and Bambi fi see if dem ago pick up fi Erica. And it was wrong of me and so I just want to say I apologize for the hurtful things that I’ve said.”

Erica Mena appears to have been seeing significantly reduced screen time since hurling the insult at Spice, and the show’s producers have since issued a statement saying that she will not be appearing in the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop. It’s still unclear if she will be appearing in future seasons, and producers have not clarified the grey area, leaving fans to speculate.