Spice Responds To Erica Mena Saying Kids Are Off Limits After Clash On LHHATL

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Spice fires back at Erica Mena, saying that kids should be off limits in feuds between adults following last night’s bombshell on Love and Hip Hip: Atlanta.

In case you haven’t yet watched the show, this story contains major spoilers, although it’s all over the internet. On Tuesday night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Shekinah Anderson convinced Spice and Erica Mena to go on a lunch date in hopes of mending fences, but tensions were high from the start.

Spice and Erica Mena ended up having a heated argument with Spice, arguing that Mena is playing the victim in her divorce from Safaree.

“That don’t have nothing to do with me if he feels nothing for you, that’s just confusing like why,” Spice said. “You know what’s the problem Erica is you feel like you’re the first woman to be divorced that’s the problem. You feel like you’re acting like you’re the first woman to be divorced and the first woman that’s left with two children to fend for. I’ve been doing it for fourteen years welcome to the club.”

Spice then told Erica Mena that she has a son that don’t like her, and that’s when all hell broke loose, triggering a near physical altercation after Mena flipped the table on Spice. Things got really ugly when Erica called Spice a “Blue Monkey,” resulting in a social media backlash with some fans calling on the Love and Hip Hop franchise to cut ties with Mena.

Spice also received some criticism on social media for mentioning Mena’s child, which she has responded to, stating that Mena has been mentioning other people’s children in previous episodes.

“Kids are off limits right,” she stated while adding clips of previous episodes where Mena mentioned other cast member’s children. “But I guess it’s only when I ask cause where’s the same energy when Scrappy and Stevie J talked about it, but now I’m a Monkey and should have died on the table ? Ok Erica.”

Spice and Erica Mena have been trending on social media since MTV aired the new episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. There is more upcoming drama with Spice and Bambi in next week’s episode as the cast jetted to the Bahamas, so stay tuned.