Statement from the Hon. Asot Michael on court ruling

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Over the last few months, I have mostly remained silent on the unconscionable, unlawful and hurtful treatment meted out to me by the Now Gaston Browne led Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP).

I have refused in the face of a personal onslaught on my character to cower and hide. I have been determined to stand up to the bullying and have repeatedly in all matters been successful in the Courts of law.

Unsurprisingly, I have been criticised for seeking redress in the Courts.

I have the benefit of an Order that Rawdon Turner is not duly appointed in accordance with the Constitution of the ABLP.

The determination of Mr. Browne to achieve his own way has led his Party to convene a Convention in direct violation of its Constitution.

It gave no notice to me of the Convention, NONE AT ALL. I was not invited to the Convention. At the Convention, Gaston Browne changed how candidates can be selected.

The Constitution mandates that where changes to the Constitution are to be made, 45 days’ notice must be given to each member. NO SUCH NOTICE was ever given to anyone.

I have taken on the Gaston Browne led Party in Court and on each occasion the Courts have ruled in a manner consistent with my position; never that of Gaston Browne.

There is a clear Oder of the High Court. All High Court Orders are to be obeyed unless varied or set aside.

The nomination of Rawdon Turner on the ABLP ticket is a direct violation of that Order.

I will bring contempt proceedings against any and/or all electoral officials who facilitates a breach of the High Court Order.

If Mr. Turner wishes to run, he must do so in his own name and on his own ticket.





























Case Number :ANUHCV2021/0409

Submitted Date:10/10/2022 15:40

Filed Date:10/10/2022 15:41

Fees Paid:27.00