Toast on India’s 74th anniversary

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

DANCE OF JOY: Pooja Pundit of the Kathak Kala Sangam performs a dance at the Trinidad Hilton on Thursday in celebration of strong diplomatic ties between TT and that country. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB –

GOVERNMENT officials and diplomats from the Indian High Commission toasted to the longstanding relationship between both countries in general, and to India’s 74th anniversary as a republic in particular, at a celebration at the Trinidad Hilton on Thursday evening.

Acting Charge D’ Affaires for the high commission, Raju Sharma, said the relationship between both countries went as far back as six decades.

“Our relationship dates back to 60 years ago, in 1962, when both countries established diplomatic ties. And India and Trinidad and Tobago have never looked back since then,” Sharma said.

“The bilateral co-operation in diverse states has been an unhindered standard for 60 years or a very small period in the life of two democracies. A nation’s life span cannot be defined. So this relationship has just begun. It will grow further and keep growing stronger.”

He added that the bond between TT goes beyond diplomacy. He said even now, some 60 years later the two countries share common bonds that could be noticed in lifestyles, work, traditions, practices, entertainment, sports, costumes and beliefs.

He expressed gratitude for the hospitality of the TT people.

Trade Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon said TT is committed to fortifying the relationship which she added was strengthened even further during the pandemic.

“Among the significant and tangible gestures in the heat in our country’s closeness was the government of India’s donation of 40,000 doses of Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines to Trinidad and Tobago in April 2021,” she said.

She said since 1962, India has been a steadfast and reliable partner to Trinidad and Tobago, and a relationship the government and people highly values.