TODSS to sit out planned demonstration by transport operators Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

President of Transport Operators Development Sustainable Service (TODSS), Egeton Newman said neither his organisation nor its affiliates would be part of a planned demonstration by transport operators on February 1.

A number of taxi operators and associations threatened to withdraw their services on February 1 claiming that the government failed to grant them enough time to pay off outstanding traffic tickets before a new traffic system takes effect.

Under the new system, it would be easier for the police to see if any motorist has outstanding tickets, which means thousands of motorists if caught, may lose their driving privileges.

The system was supposed to be implemented in December, however, after transport operators withdrew their services in mid-November nearly crippling the country it was moved to February 1.

Newman said that TODSS nor its affiliate the Jamaica Association of Transportation Owners and Operators (JATOO) would be planning, organising, executing or participating in any demonstration.

“From TODDS’ perspective, we want to encourage the commuting public to go about their usual business as they did today… We have no intention of disrupting the public tomorrow,” he pointed out.

While Newman levied some of the blame at the feet of the Government of Jamaica, he does not believe that a demonstration or any move to disrupt the commuting public, right now, would be productive.

“The government has short-changed the sector. The government in its own action created strife in the sector and reduced the operation of the sector but we want to make it abundantly clear again that we have not planned, will not support, will not endorse any demonstration,” he declared.

Newman asked those operators who are mindful to do so not to demonstrate and allow TODSS to handle the issues within the sector.