Vendors impeding traffic opposite GPHC given final notice to move

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The Public Works Ministry has initiated actions to remove vendors who are occupying spaces along New Market Street, between Thomas and East Streets as of Monday, following notices that they were impeding traffic flow in the vicinity.

The Public Works Ministry would have served “Violation Notices” prior, giving the vendors seven days to vacate the area for persons to remove all erected makeshift stalls, sheds, carts, caravans, motor vehicles, and other receptacles used for vending.

These vendors, according to the previous notice, have been impeding the smooth flow of traffic in the vicinity of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), the main public health institution in the country.

After a final reminder that the seven-day period had expired, teams from the Ministry begun the removal process on Monday. Public Works Minister Juan Edghill has reiterated that this type of illicit activity can no longer be tolerated as vending in this area is causing serious traffic hazards and congestion.

“Health and safety must be a priority for all Guyanese. We have to try harder and we have to be conscious of what is right practice and what is wrong practice, there are times ambulances and other emergency vehicles will be trying to enter the gates at GPHC and from the vehicles parking indiscriminately, to these vending stalls taking up the parapets in its way, we cannot allow this to continue,” Minister Edghill asserted.

Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine has since indicated that the City Council has filed court proceedings against the Minister.

The New Market Street vendors were told that they can either remove all makeshift stalls, sheds, carts, caravans, or other receptacles used for vending or have these removed by the Ministry’s team.

With the latter choice, the Ministry will not be responsible for any damage or loss when these encumbrances are removed. The act of encumbering public reserves inclusive of road shoulders, embankments, pedestrian walks, Government reserves, and State reserves is a criminal offence.

Chapter 51:01 of the Road Act states that “Any property obstructing or damaging a road or canal may be seized and removed by the road officer of the district, or by anyone authorised in writing, and if it remains unclaimed for fourteen days after notice given to the owner thereof to come forward and claim the property, and pay all damages incurred, it shall be sold and the proceeds paid to the Accountant General.”

For many months, the Ministry has reminded that the road reserve is the property of the Government and persons who have been occupying and encroaching these reserves have made it unsafe for all road users.