WATCH: Dancehall artiste Jahshii wows Rebel Salute crowd Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

“A di real me mi guh gi dem tonight out deh pon the stage.”

Simple, but profound, this is what fast-rising dancehall artiste Jahshii had to say about his performance on night one of Rebel Salute in St Ann, after wowing the crowd on Friday.

At first glance, people might not expect Jahshii to be billed for a show that is steeped in culture and has played a pivotal role in the preservation of reggae since its first staging in 1994. However, did he surprise everyone on the first of the two-night show at Grizzly’s Plantation in the ‘Garden Parish’.

Jahshii showed up as Mluleki Clarke, although he told Loop News after his performance that the name did not matter as he was going with a “feeling” while on stage and performed from his heart.

Well, that feeling led the First Nation artiste to climb down from the stage and make his way into the crowd, climbing over the fence that separated the media pit and the VIP section before climbing on the fence that separated the general and VIP sections while interacting with his fans.

Recording artiste Jahshii is in his element at Rebel Salute in St Ann on Friday. (Photo: Marlon Reid)

Did we mention that he was still performing his hit “Born Fighter” while in the crowd?

The audience loved every minute of it, and so did the emcee, Mutabaruka, who, after introducing the Grants Pen, St Andrew native as “young but powerful” when he touched the stage, shook his hand and hugged him after his passionate performance.

“Mi know seh [Tony] Rebel kinda tell yuh seh do a different kind of show than what you usually do, but yuh sew wah yuh just do a while ago, I don’t want you to tek it lightly enuh. You can perform enuh, but yuh see wah yuh do a while a guh is more than a performance, and I would hope that is not because Rebel seh don’t do what you usually do and do another thing,” Mutabaruka said to the youngster while giving him his stamp of approval.

Jahshii told him that his performance was from his heart.

Video of dancehall artiste Jahshii at Rebel Salute 2023 (Videographer & Editor Ramon Lindsay)

The talk show host and dub poet responded: “Me see say a from yuh heart and mi glad seh a from yuh heart, but don’t want yuh lef yuh heart right yah suh.”

Mutabaruka encouraged Jashii to take his heart with him back to the friends he described as “dawgs” during his set when he decried the level of violence in Jamaica.

Having pointed out during his performance that self-belief is important, Jahshii told Loop News that he went on stage to do his best and deliver. And that he did.

One patron told the team on the ground that he was surprised by Jashii’s performance but hopes he continues to do well. Another patron said he was amazing, and woke her up as she was getting a bit sleepy inside the venue.

Dancehall artiste Jahshii on stage at Rebel Salute 2023 held at Grizzly’s Plantation in St Ann on Friday, January 20. (Photo: Marlon Reid)

With night one down and more patrons weighing in, many have tapped Jahshii as the best performer on Friday.

So what’s next for the recording artiste who keeps racking up views on YouTube?

He told Loop News he would continue using the power that God gave him to continue sharing his music with the world.

Jahshii was one of 27 artistes who performed on night one of Rebel Salute on Friday, the first in-person show since 2020 and the 29th staging of the event.

Bounty Killer, Kabaka Pyramid, Tony Rebel, Yaksta, and Nation Boss were also part of the night one line-up.