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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) and its treatment are explored in the latest edition of Healthy Men magazine.

Men, that elusive erection may indicate that you have diabetes or high blood pressure or that your cholesterol level is too high.

Consultant Urologist, Dr Tasha Cooke, told Healthy Men that studies link ED to cardiac disease “because blood flow to the penis follows a similar pathology to that of blood flow to the arteries of the heart”.

The penile blood vessels are much smaller than the blood vessels of the heart, so ED manifests before and may be a warning sign, she explained.

Healthy Men e-magazine seeks to promote health and wellness among men, a third of whose death from lifestyle disease the World Health Organisation says is preventable.

Dr Tameka March-Downer encourages Jamaican men to make a habit of getting their annual screenings, changing their diets, and putting in that “dedicated and purposeful exercise”.

Meanwhile, fitness trainer Jevaughn Rosewell has this advice for men.

“A fit body gives you a better quality of life; it not only improves your physical appearance, but it also puts you in a good position to beat many underlying illnesses.”

“You must understand that there is a mix of persons in society: some want to look bulky, while others just want to be fit. For some persons, it is just about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not the looks.”

Healthy Men Magazine is published jointly by Jamaican media specialists Byron Buckley and Garfield Grandison.