Woman concerned at lack of justice, 10 months after husband killed in accident

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Dead: Joshua Inshanally Ramdeen

By: Andrew Carmichael 

A mother of two has expressed concerns about the justice system, in light of the fact that no one has been held accountable, ten months after her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident.

In March last year, 31-year-old Joshua Inshanally Ramdeen of Overwinning, New Amsterdam died as a result of an accident involving a motorcycle and a canter truck.

Ramdeen, who worked as an electrician at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, was the pillion rider.

Ramdeen’s wife, Shellanie Inchanally, says that the rider of the motorcycle and/or the driver of the canter should be held accountable.

Police had issued a statement saying that a breathalyzer test was conducted on the driver of motor lorry GWW 9178 which read 13 micrograms.

“March 23, will be one year for my husband and I can’t seem to be hearing anything about the case or where the case stand at this moment,” the grieving woman expressed.

The woman said he had visited the Office of the Police Commissioner in November last in her quest for answers.

“And I met with the Commissioner and he called in someone…He said that the file was sent to the DPP and the DPP ordered an inquest and the inquest was completed and the case was sent to court.”

However, Inchanally said she subsequently learned that the information might not have been accurate.

One of the first things she did after returning to Berbice was to contact the New Amsterdam Court where she learnt that the matter was never filed there.

The woman said visits to the regional police headquarters revealed that the file was still there and had not gone to the court. She said it was while she was meeting with a senior officer at Central Police Station that the file on the said matter was sent.

“So I asked why I was told that the file went to court already when you guys still have it here. He said one more signature is needed and then the file will be sent to court,” she recounted.

Two months later, the widow has not heard anything.

An autopsy revealed that Ramdeen had multiple fractures to his skull and broken ribs which punctured his lung. Additionally, his neck was broken.

The woman argued that the injuries indicate the force at which the canter was traveling when it collided with the motorcycle.

This publication understands that the police are still in the process of preparing the documents to take the matter to court. However, there is no word on who charges are likely to be made against.