Woman, two men killed in Carapo

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A crime scene investigator is seen processing the area where three people were shot dead at Rose Drive, Carapo on Saturday. Photo by Angelo Marcelle

THREE PEOPLE were shot dead on Saturday in Carapo, Arima taking the murder count to 53 in 28 days.

Homicide detectives responded to a triple murder at Carapo on Saturday afternoon after the bodies of three people were found in a beige car. The bodies of a woman, in the driver’s seat, and a man in the front passenger seat were slumped against each other.

A third victim, a man, was lying across the floor in the back seat. Police said two of the victims were killed instantly while a third died on the way to hospital.

Residents of the are said they did not know the car nor the victims.

Police did released the identities of the victims.

This is second triple murder for January.