Young St Lucian who had both legs amputated builds ATV Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Denzer Hunte, a 23-year-old man of La Grace, Laborie in St Lucia who had both legs amputated, is a genius in his own right.

Hunte, whose legs were amputated because of illness, was able to make an ATV with very little help. He did not disclose further details on his illness.

Hunte said he dropped out of the Vieux-Fort Technical Vocational Institute after it was transformed into the Beanfield Comprehensive Secondary School some years ago because he was not academically inclined.

“I dropped out of school on my own because I wanted to learn a trade,” Hunte told Loop News in an interview.

He said it was after his first leg was amputated last year that he began to realise his true potential. He added that it was further explored after his other leg was amputated this year.

“I wanted to move around and do a lot of things. But, I could not move around how I wanted because my legs were cut,” he said.

According to Hunte, he built the ATV with little help from his uncle, with whom he spent time working with learning mechanics and other trades.

“I used a motorcycle engine to make the ATV and used other metals which my uncle welded for me. He only welded the materials for me, and I did the rest,” Hunte said.

“The ATV is automatic and works well,” he added.

According to Hunte, he has crutches but only uses them indoors or wherever the ATV can’t be used.

He said he is aware of the dangers on the road, so he takes his time to ride.

Hunte said people have expressed admiration for his work.