A Call for Orthopaedic Hardware for Haiti

CLIMAX, N.C., Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Knowledge Ventures has put out a plea to all orthopaedic professionals to assist in the effort to get much needed orthopaedic hardware to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. It has arranged in partnership with ORTHOWORLD Inc. to open a public thread at www.orthoworld.com in order to connect the world to the effort.

 ”In terms of orthopaedic treatment, the worst is not over in Haiti. People are literally dying on the lawn of the hospital,” says John Engelhardt, Managing Member of Knowledge Ventures. “While there are teams of orthopaedic surgeons down there, there is desperate need for plates and screws, nails and ex fix, as well as drills and saws. We are calling on all orthopaedic professionals to identify any sources of hardware, and have arranged a public thread so that anyone can contact the appropriate agencies to get it delivered.”

 To donate money or hardware, go to www.sign-post.org or visit www.orthoworld.com.