Haitian Economic Development Foundation Announces that Electricite d’Haiti, the Government-Owned Electric Utility, has Restored Power to Section of Port Au Prince

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ — The Haitian Economic Development Foundation today announced that Electricite d’Haiti, the government-owned electric utility, has restored electrical power to a section of earthquake ravaged Port Au Prince.  The restoration of approximately 10 Megawatts of power from one of the utility’s main power plants will service approximately 2,000 homes in the Northeastern part of Port Au Prince.

 ”From a practical, as well as an emotional perspective, few elements of the recovery efforts will be more impactful than restoring power,” says Youri Mevs, President of the Haitian Economic Development Foundation.  “While 10 Megawatts is but a start, it is nonetheless a positive, hopeful step as we look to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure.”

 ”Electricite d’Haiti has worked tirelessly to restore an infrastructure which was completely decimated by the January 12 earthquake,” adds Serge Raphael, General Director of Electricite d’Haiti, the country’s public utility company.  “Every organization within Haiti’s power industry recognizes the importance of restoring electricity as rapidly as possible, and will continue to work around the clock to move the process forward.”

 ”Restoring power, even in small increments, is crucial for us,” concludes Jean Marie Vorbe, President and CEO of Sogener, one of Haiti’s largest independent Power Producers (IPP), and a founding member of the Haitian Economic Development Foundation.  While Vorbe’s company is not associated with this particular power plant, he notes that:  “Everyone in the industry is working tirelessly to support this element of the recovery process.”

 About the Haitian Economic Development Foundation

The newly-formed Haitian Economic Development Foundation was designed to foster economic growth throughout Haiti. The a-political Foundation is comprised of some of the nation’s most influential enterprises and individuals, with the singular goal of attracting and fostering business in Haiti.