Nicki Minaj Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Vlogger Over ‘Cokehead’ Accusations

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

A YouTuber who claimed that Nicki Minaj was a cocaine user is about to get the Tasha K treatment as the Queens Rapper has filed a lawsuit against her for defamation.

Cardi B set a precedent when she won her defamation suit against YouTuber Tasha K, who, among other things, claimed that the singer had herpes. Now, Nicki Minaj is following suit as she drags a YouTuber to court over similarly damaging statements. According to TMZ on Wednesday, Minaj is suing the defendant, Marley Green, whose social media name is “Nosey Heaux,” for claiming that she allegedly uses cocaine.

Minaj has been on a rampage over the weekend into Monday, and Green on Monday commented on the rapper’s statements claiming that she was reportedly using drugs as she insinuated that might be the reason for her behavior. In a video shared on YouTube, Green claimed that Minaj was doing drugs. “Shoving all this cocaine, shoving in all this cocaine up her nose. Allegedly,” she said.

“I’m not saying allegedly on that. Nicki Minaj is a cokehead, we all see it,” she claimed in the video that went on to call Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, a rapist.

Green’s statement led to thousands of tweets online that went viral with the hashtag #ItsGivingCoke on Twitter in reference to Minaj’s rants. Minaj had threatened to sue a number of bloggers who used the saying about her, among them Jason Lee and the Neighborhood Talk. Shortly after Minaj’s statement, Green also responded to Minaj in a new rant which has been referenced in the lawsuit filed by Judd Burstein.

Nicki Minaj’s lawsuit says Green made several disparaging statements about Minaj and her son, whom she says will become a rapist. A video of Green making those statements has made the rounds online where Green lashes out at Minaj and her two-year-old son.

“Child, the whole bloodline including the baby, the whole bloodline including the f**king new baby, chile she needs to get that baby in, I don’t care, I don’t care like I said, I’m not gonna get up here and be fake for nobody, I’m not gonna be PG13, I’m not gonna be censored for nobody, I’m always gonna stand true to who I am, people f**k with me for that reason,” Green says.

“Because I’m not gonna get up here and tiptoe and dance around, cause people mad, let muthf**kers be mad, I don’t give a damn, file your lawsuit. Your baby’s gonna be a rapist too. Your whole bloodline is disgusting, including your baby, and you need to be trying to get some of that rapist mixture out of your baby before he grows up to harm somebody’s daughter or son. Get that baby in therapy,” she continued.

“You are trash, your husband’s trash, your brother is trash, your momma is trash, your daddy the dead one and living both of them is trash and before that baby grows up and be trash you better get that baby some help,” she said.

In the lawsuit, Minaj refers to Green as a ‘nobody’ “whose main accomplishments in life have been a string of criminal charges, bail jumping and bad debts.”

However, they add that her posts which were shared widely, have led to Minaj’s reputation being damaged as people are likely to believe her statements. Burstein wrote that the “cokehead” video had more than 2,000 likes and more than 250 retweets. Minaj wants Green to appear before a jury and pay damages of no less than $75,000. Burstein said if she wins the lawsuit, the rapper will be going after Green for everything she has, including the rights to her trademark “Nosey Heaux,” until she can pony up the damages.

“My marching orders are to aggressively sue anyone with a media or social media following who damages her with intentional lies. Eventually, the lesson will be learned,” he added.

Green has released several videos after Minaj threatened to sue her. She has not only commented on Minaj’s son’s eyes being “cock-eyed,” but she has continually commented on Minaj’s husband’s past rape case. In a video, Green claimed that she had a video showing Minaj with cocaine “running out of her nose.”

It’s unclear if Nicki Minaj is going to add other defendants to the lawsuit. The Trinidadian rapper did confirm on Twitter that she filed a lawsuit againt the blogger and is gunning to own all her blogs and even publishing.